To secure your date, a 50% non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee is required. Once your booking is confirmed, no deductions can be made as per the booking form/agreed total persons.

     No cash deposits – EFT only

     Once your booking fee has been paid, your booking cannot be exchanged for other services

    Please note payment of the booking fee is an acceptance of the terms and conditions

    Please email all payment information (booking and balances) to

    The balance for your booking must be paid before the wedding day (yes, I have to say this)

    If cancellation occurs within a 3 month time-frame before the wedding, a R2500 cancellation penalty will be charged

    For bridal parties or 6 + people, an additional assistant will be required at R1000.00 if this is a problem, please be willing to start early as adequate time must be allocated for each person

    For bridal parties or 10 + people, two additional assistants will be required at R1500


    During wedding season (September to May) a minimum booking persons totalling 3 people for hair and makeup is required to secure the booking, one of them being the bride. If it’s for makeup only, then it has to be the bride + 5 people as min pax.

    I like to keep this as simple and stress-free for you as possible – we agree on a time for me to arrive and start at your wedding venue/ preparation venue, I start with you at a certain time ensuring I’m finished with you 90 – 60 min before the wedding. I work out the starting time working backwards based on the time the photographer wants you camera ready.

    Bridesmaids, moms, sister and aunts; whoever is getting their hair and makeup done can agree amongst each other who wants to go first, to me it doesn’t matter as long as there is someone in my chair with dry hair (unless it’s a blow dry) – DRY AND 1-DAY OLD HAIR. If hair is dirty, older than 2 days, or OI-LEEE that person will go wash their hair and dry it or I won’t do their hair.

    A fantastic option is to book a wash and blowdry with a salon in the area the day before the wedding – trust me on this, brides LOVE having a breather and getting a little TLC and it’s one less thing to stress about. Even moms and bridesmaids love getting in on it, it’s like a tension diffuser.

    I calculate 45 – 60min per person (excl. Bride) which includes hair styling (curling/heat manipulation and setting) and makeup application. Factoring in a blow dry is at least 15/20min extra, time that is not calculated into the schedule.

    Neither too-clean hair (washed the morning of) NOR too-oily/dirty hair (more than 2-3 days old) styles well or keeps a curl.

    Getting a bridal party ready for a wedding takes time (previous point), several hours in fact. PLEASE eat, drink, have fun while I’m working (if you get me a coffee in that time I’ll be your fan forever)


    Last minute additions are not accepted. If Aunty Sue wants to slide in there then I’m so very sorry, that’s not my style. That means I’ll have to shorten everyone else’s treatment (which is unfair in more ways than one) and reinforces the above points about time.

    I’m happy to provide any desired look – if a look is considered natural or looks like little/light makeup the service remains the same and is not charged less. And no, I won’t do just someone’s eyes or foundation. Nee.

    VERY NB – Should your mom/mother in law/ Grandmother like to have their hair and makeup done I strongly suggest you explain the following please: They will not look the same as when they do their own look every day. The point is to not look the same as you would in casual attire, this is a wedding not a brunch

    In the event of sickness, accident or any other personal event preventing me from fulfilling my obligation on the wedding day I will endeavour to the best of my ability and move the oceans and mountains to find you replacement makeup artist.

    Trials take place 2 – 6 weeks before the wedding

     Trials are only included in the bride’s price. If you want to book a trial for your bridesmaids you’re welcome to do so at extra cost – the trial price is the same as the service for the day price.

     If you are not happy with the results of the trial it is your responsibility to inform me AT THE TIME OF THE TRIAL so that I can make adjustments and ensure satisfaction. I won’t feel bad if you want to add more here or take a little away there. If you want higher hair we’ll tease that mane of yours some more. That’s why it’s a trial, to find the look you envision yourself with. I also look back on the photos I take and see where something can be improved and I find on the day of the wedding the whole ‘look’ looks even better.

    You’re welcome to bring a friend or family member to your trial if you don’t want to come alone BUT I don’t allow any negativity in our space meaning if said person feels at liberty to discuss your body negatively, your décor or whatever negatively, she need not bother showing up or she’ll be shown the door. This upsets you and me and that helps no one. While I can appreciate the other persons opinion of what I’m doing and what you want I prefer to hear YOUR opinion about what YOU want. I don’t want anyone touching or fiddling with your hair while I’m busy working.

    Trials take place at my home (wedding planners, please take note) in George

    Send Pinterest and other images/screenshots of ideas you like. This better prepares me and gives me the best idea of the look you’re after.

    REMEMBER – This is what I do, what I’ve been doing for years and love to do.

    As mentioned the balance for your booking must be paid before the wedding day preferably in the 7days/week leading up to the wedding day

    Balance payments can be done in cash in hand – please notify me in advance.

    The booking fee you pay is non-refundable because I turn away all any enquiries that fall on your booking date.

    If cancellation occurs within a 3 month time-frame before the wedding, a R2500 cancellation fee will be charged

    In the event that your wedding date is moved within a three month period of the weddings date and I am available then there is a 25% surcharge added to the invoice. Before three months will be no extra charge.

    In the event that your wedding date is moved within a three month period of the weddings date and I am not available on your new date, it will be regarded as a cancellation and the R2500 penalty will be applied.

    If you decide after your trial that you no longer wish to make use of my services, then it is also considered breach of contract – the booking fee remains non-refundable and the cancellation penalty is applied

    I get that sometimes things don’t work out or weddings have to be postponed; anything I can do to accommodate you will be done – I’m as much a part of your day as the any person and will handle all situations with utmost sensitivity.

I always try and use the safest, hypo-allergenic and quality based product – this includes the airbrush-specific foundations and products. None of my brides (even those with super reactive/sensitive skins) have had any reaction to the product. It is your responsibility however to inform me if you have any allergies or sensitivity, particularly pertaining to cosmetics to ingredients so I can source different options for you.

I get you might have an insecurity about your skin (acne, fine/deep lines, sagging skin, sun damage etc.) but this is not the time to be hard on yourself nor have unrealistic expectations. I cannot physically remove puffy skin under your eyes but I can camouflage it. I cannot take away lines caused by improper care of your skin but I can use products that will look the best if that is something you struggle with. Full-coverage is great and all but have realistic notions of what is physically possible without making you look pasted in makeup.

All beauty companies, Instagram models and influencers use filters on their marketing material. This is not to say I can’t makeup you looking like the amazing rock star that you are, but it is something to consider when having you’re makeup done. Please have realistic expectations when you have your makeup done.

Same goes for Pinterest-worthy hairstyles; stylists put 3 sets of extensions in hair to achieve that magnanimous braid. Or hair that hangs to your bum – it’s heavy; it won’t hold a curl the same way shorter hair would. And have your ends trimmed, please! That 2cm/inch shorter won’t have you looking like a Sphinx cat, I promise. But it will have your hair looking healthier and bouncier.

REMEMBER – wash hair the day before the wedding. This counts for bridesmaids too. Avoid over-use of conditioner as this can weigh hair down – especially Pantene – avoid like the plague!

Drink your water, exfoliate your skin, masque that baby up and take care of yourself. Even better if you scrub the morning of the wedding – this ensures the dead skin cells are gone and your beautiful canvas is smooth and ready to be painted!

Now… you don’t have to have perfectly arched, shaped primped & primed eyebrows, but a good wax or thread clean-up of the area goes a long way. Same thing for upper-lip hair… just this once .I have facial hair too but don’t let that be the thing you fixate on when browsing through your pictures.

Please don’t curl or straighten your hair unless you have the most unmanageable hair ever – think Princess Diaries when Mia gets her makeover and the stylist breaks his brush.

LASHES! Lash extensions are pretty but take longer to clean and correct if done improperly. If you want them, get them. If you don’t I can highly suggest a lash lift treatment (see recommendations below)

Service Location Requirement – for makeup a ‘set-up’ area (table, chairs, light room or natural light source) be available. I feel this should go without saying but please book a prep venue with electricity and if you’re wary of power cuts, check with the venue whether they have a generator. And if you get a high-chair/ bar stool in the room, I’ll love you even more.

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